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Body Work & Hand Massages in Auburn, Maine


Escape from the stresses of everyday life with a hand or body work massage from Chinese Massage & Body Work in Auburn, Maine. The massage therapists at our day spa are dedicated to helping you maintain your health and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Body Work

A body work massage relaxes your muscles, encourages general relaxation, and improves your circulation and energy. It also relieves common physical ailments including general muscular tension and aches, tension headaches, muscle back pain, poor circulation, stress, and anxiety.

• 30 Minute Body Work Massage $40 • 60 Minute Body Work Massage $60

Hand Massages

A hand massage specifically targets the muscles in your fingers and palms and is especially helpful to those who spend a great deal of time working with their hands. They also provide needed relief to people who spend many hours a day at a computer keyboard.

• 60 Minute Hand Massage $50
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